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jMonkeyEngine Animation

Taken from Chapter 7 Click to Learn More Introduction Animation is an important aspect in most games. Using animation injects dynamic behavior into a game and can make it a more pleasing and interesting affair. Animation can be used to make a character walk, a ship move across a sea,…

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Oracle Siebel Open UI – Basic Concepts for End Users and Administrators

Taken from: In the following section, we will explore some Open UI-specific features which differ in one way or another from the user experience in traditional High-Interactivity applications to which most Siebel users are familiar from their daily work. The features are categorized as follows: Browser FeaturesUsability EnhancementsChanged Navigation PatternsUser…

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Oracle Intelligent Advisor and Oracle Policy Automation

By Richard Napier, author of: 17 December 2019. The official announcement renaming Oracle Policy Modeling was posted early last week - Oracle Policy Automation will henceforth be known as Oracle Intelligent Advisor. This radical change of name reflects the dramatic increase in breadth and depth of the platform, and the…

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jMonkey – Game Logic and Application States

Understanding Application States The Appstate interface is found in the package. It allows us to control the logic of the game on a global scale. Application states are used to handle a wide variety of different situations and to simplify the simpleUpdate method. Let’s look at a few different…

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Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud [OSvC]

Answers to Oracle Service Cloud Questions | Sample Exam Training

From time to time in your career as an Oracle Service Cloud user, consultant or administrator, you will be called upon to demonstrate your knowledge. This might be in the form of an assessment, an interview or some sort of examination either at corporate or a higher level. The book…

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