Oracle Intelligent Advisor and Oracle Policy Automation

By Richard Napier, author of:

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Javascript Extensions Oracle Policy Modeling

17 December 2019. The official announcement renaming Oracle Policy Modeling was posted early last week – Oracle Policy Automation will henceforth be known as Oracle Intelligent Advisor.

This radical change of name reflects the dramatic increase in breadth and depth of the platform, and the myriad ways that customers are using it. Some of the key reasons for moving away from the original name follow, in my (personal) opinion.

Policy was always a difficult word to describe and define. Firstly because it does, to many people, and in many languages, speak of policy in the public sector sense. Of course, business policy was intended as a target also but it didn’t perhaps resonate with that audience. The new name speaks to a wider population and many more potential customers.

The product that was Oracle Policy Automation has, in the last few years, increased massively in scope and capability. First came the evolution from a largely file-based development system and basic deployment process to a fully version-controlled, permission-based management platform.

Next came the arrival of omni-channel deployment: whether you need to call the determination engine via REST, SOAP, as an app or custom development using Mobile, or with a Chat engine like Oracle Digital Assistant, through traditional HTML Interviews, build once deploy anywhere.

More recently, and this for me is the biggest leap forward, we have seen enormous progress in the integration domain. With the ability to integrate Oracle Intelligent Advisor into Oracle Integration Cloud Service, and more broadly to let any REST-based integration platform integrate the platform  into business flows, as well as the SOAP-based Connection framework that already existed, we can now knit the solution ever more effectively into the wider enterprise.

All of the different enhancements have been introduced while still respecting the core capabilities and unique selling points of the platform – natural language rule creation, fully transparent decision reporting and auditing and rapid testing and deployment.

Oracle Intelligent Advisor

To serve this ever-broader community and to reflect the new naming, look out for an updated “Getting Started with Oracle Intelligent Advisor” early in the New Year.

In 2020, if the Focus Groups this year are anything to go by, we can expect another stellar year and some major product enhancements.  If you want to find out more about Oracle Intelligent Advisor, then of course use the Oracle OPA Blog, Oracle OPA Forum and Product Page and of course please don’t hesitate to reach out and chat to the OPA Hub Website