Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud [OSvC]

Answers to Oracle Service Cloud Questions | Sample Exam Training

From time to time in your career as an Oracle Service Cloud user, consultant or administrator, you will be called upon to demonstrate your knowledge. This might be in the form of an assessment, an interview or some sort of examination either at corporate or a higher level.

The book Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud ends with more than 50 exam-style questions. Here are the answers.

Oracle Service Cloud Exam-Style Answers

1. By merging two Workspaces

2. Have no Workspace selected for that object

3. Use multiple Tabs to provide different approaches such as guided assistance; Add shortcut keys; Test the Workspace in the target resolution of your users

4. A Workflow

5. A Script


7. The same profile as the user editing the Workspace

8. New Record; Open Existing Record

9. Select the Field in the Designer, and select Required > Profile Based > Select the Profile > Select On New from the Ribbon

10. The Custom Workspace is not based on the Asset Object; The Banner Flag can be hidden using the Workspace Ribbon

11. Set the Tab as Hidden on New in the Workspace in the Design Tab of the Ribbon

12. When it is clicked

13. In the Navigation Set Explorer, select the Quick Search checkbox, then add any search Reports from the Public Reports folder into the Quick Search by dragging it onto the lower portion of the right column

14. The Explorer lets you delete the Navigation Set but you must update the Profile to use another Navigation Set

15. Configuration > Staff Management > Profiles > double-click the Profile > search and select the Navigation Set in the Navigation Set field

16. Changing the Default Navigation Set of the user’s Profile does not affect any customizations they have made; Adding a button to the Navigation Set will add it to the user’s Profile immediately, even if they have the Customize Navigation Sets privilege; Adding a report to the Navigation Set will add it to the user’s Profile after a logout / login, even if they have the Customize Navigation Sets privilege

17. Right-click and select Set as Default

18. True for some types of Navigation Set items

19. First Name, Display Name, Profile, Default Currency, Default Country

20. Select the standard Report and set the Rollup column you require

21. True

22. Not Disabled, Permanently Disabled

23. Permanently disable accounts for users who have left the organization

24. Select Disabled from Assignment from the Staff Account edit page

25. A dropdown menu for a field in a standard Object

26. Help; Everyone

27. Workflows; Workspaces

28. False, the Relationship Items Control cannot be used

29. A Header, an Image and a Radio Button Question

30. Button Question; List Question; Menu Question

31. Select the image, select Size from the Object Tools Design Tab of the Ribbon

32. Select the Question, select Behavior, Required from the Ribbon and deselect all options

33. Another Workflow; A Script; A Workspace; A Decision

34. Select the icon, select Edit Workflow from the Ribbon

35. Incident; Task

36. Add a Confirmation Message to the Workflow Step

37. Yes, a Confirmation Message can be added to a Set Fields step

38. Yes, a Confirmation Message can be added to a Create step

39. A Circle

40. A Three-dimensional box

41. True

42. Give them the Propose permission in their Profile

43. True

44. Unresolved

45. Edit the Status Control to accept a Default Value from Workspace > Select the Value needed

46. Deselect Show Parent in the Design Tab for the Product Field

47. Social Monitor; Customer Portal; Inbox; Agent Desktop

48. Viewing the searches performed and pages viewed; Viewing IP Address and Referral details

49. Edit the EGW_ALLOWED_DOMAIN_NAMES configuration setting

50. Email GateWay

51. Create an Incident Rule for the End-User Pages

52. Yes, it is the default behavior

53. Enable Guided Assistance via your Account Manager; Add the Guided Assistant Widget to the Customer Portal; Create Guides in the Guided Assistance Explorer; Add Guided Assistant Control to Workspaces

54. Another Guide; Yes / No Questions; Call URL; Associated Answer

55. As Agent Text

56. In the Navigation Set