Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting – Adding a Logo and Title to a Report

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Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting 11: A Practical Guide
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Adding a Report Logo

Images have a dramatic impact on the aesthetics of a report. An image is added to the report by selecting the Image item from the Insert menu as shown in the following screenshot.

Once the Image menu item is selected, the Financial Reporting Studio interface allows the user to draw the image onto the report. Many organizations choose to add a logo to the right-hand side of the screen. Multiple logos and images can be added to the report as desired. After drawing the image on the right-hand side of the header and releasing the mouse, the image selection window appears as shown in the following screenshot.

Notice in the screenshot above that the only supported images are Bitmap, JPEG, and GIF images. The example in this book uses the Oracle logo as the logo for the report. Upon selecting the Oracle logo, the image is nicely displayed in the location where the image was drawn.

Adding a Report Title

Report titles are commonly displayed and configured as dynamic or static based on preference. Titles are created through the use of Text objects in the report. Text objects are created by selecting the Text menu item from the Insert menu.

Similar to the image object, selecting the text menu item brings up the drawing icon in the Studio for drawing the text label box onto the report. Once the text label is added to the report, the label appears in the size drawn with a white background as shown in the following screenshot.

The next step is to populate the text box. In the example, a static report title is added in plain text.

Continuing with the example, the font is formatted. Text fonts are changed by selecting the text in the text object and then selecting the font shortcut on the toolbar, or by selecting the Font item from the Format menu as shown.

The font may be adjusted to the desired font, size, and appearance through the font window.

Once the formatting is complete, selecting the OK button applies the changes to the selected text in the text label object.

NB: A single text object may contain text with different font configurations by highlighting the text of interest before modifying the font. This flexibility allows for the population of multiple types of text inside one object.