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The Consultant’s Guide to Oracle Intelligent Advisor

Oracle Intelligent Advisor is the new name for Oracle Policy Automation. As Oracle continues to enhance and evolve Oracle Policy Automation, it is being renamed to better reflect its capabilities: personalized, agile, transparent advice, and decision automation throughout the customer journey.

About this Oracle Intelligent Advisor book

In this practical, accessible book – fully updated for 2020 and covering all the features of Oracle Policy Modeling and Oracle Intelligent Advisor – join leading IA consultant and advocate Richard Napier to discover how to use the unique natural language capabilities, innovative web interviews, and powerful web services provided by the platform.

By the end of this almost 500-page full-colour book – packed with screenshots – you will have a high-value working knowledge of Oracle Intelligent Advisor, and how to use it in the real world.

This book is a superb standalone resource full of practical examples and scenarios for you to build.

Get an Intelligent Advisor headstart…

> Write and Manage Policy Models in Microsoft Word and Excel

> Develop a great user experience in Interviews using Standard and Custom Controls

> Manage Versions, Deploy Projects, and control User Permissions with the IA Hub

> Manage Connected Projects with the Connections API and Integration Providers

> Deploy Intelligent Advisor Projects as Web Services for Digital Assistants

> Work with Inferred Entities, Temporal Reasoning, and other advanced features

> Build PDF documents for your policy models, attach signatures, and more

Foreword by Heike Lorenz, Global Product Marketing Director, Intelligent Advisor

About The Author

Richard Napier has been helping businesses and organizations in customer relationship management, business rules, and related topics since 1993. Formerly of Siebel Systems, Inc. and InFact Group, he delivers consulting and training in French and English all around the world for private and public sector organizations.

He regularly delivers Intelligent Advisor and Oracle Siebel CRM training courses for Oracle University. He is the owner of the OPA Hub Website, a Community for Intelligent Advisor customers and consultants:

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Author: Richard Napier

Published 1 July 2020 | 9780992910563 | 488 colour pages | $79.99 | When you purchase through select links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you.

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