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Javascript Extensions Oracle Policy Modeling

JavaScript Extensions for Oracle Policy Modeling

Oracle Policy Automation Interviews allow users – customers, citizens, employees – to work quickly and easily with the powerful natural language rules and policies defined in Oracle Policy Modeling through an interactive website that guides them with intelligent advice.

Customers around the world rely on Oracle Policy Automation Interviews to help people calculate benefit entitlements, decide what university courses to take, return an unwanted item to the store, find ways to eat more healthily, and more. OPA drives literally thousands of business-critical processes.

Introduced in 2017, JavaScript Extensions allow Interview designers to completely reconfigure the end-user experience, and this book, JavaScript Extensions for Oracle Policy Modeling, shows you – the OPA developer – how to enhance and streamline user experiences by adding customizations like:

– Label Extensions

– Input Extensions

– Search Extensions

– Options Extensions

All of these allow for the design and creation of modern, corporate-themed interactions that leverage standard HTML5 and JavaScript within the framework of Oracle Policy Automation.

This practical and fully up-to-date book also covers the advanced uses of JavaScript Extensions, including:

– Entity Collect Extensions

– Entity Container Extensions

– Relationship Extensions

– Button and Event Extensions

JavaScript Extensions for Oracle Policy Modeling is aimed at Interview designers, and Richard Napier explains and demonstrates the features of the JavaScript framework with 50 worked examples. These are available for download for study and further customization. This book, thanks to the author’s well-known informal style and business-driven approach, will enable both technical and non-technical readers to make rapid progress in their understanding of the JavaScript Framework.


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About The Author

Richard Napier has been training businesses and organizations in customer relationship management, business rules and related topics since 1993. Formerly of Siebel Systems, Inc. and InFact Group, he delivers training in French and English all around the world for private and public sector organizations.

Richard is also the author of Getting Started With Oracle Policy Automation

Passionate about constrained natural language and how it can be used to accelerate the adoption of business rule management systems, he can be found on LinkedIn and on his website at https://theopahub.com/main  or at his CRM Website https://siebelhub.com/main



Author: Richard Napier

Published December 2019 | 194 pages (paperback) $49.99 | ISBN: 9780995656581 | When you purchase through select links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you.

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Full Table of Contents

About this Book
Example Projects in this Book
Who is this book for?
What does the book cover?
Are the examples available for download?

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Oracle Policy Automation Extensions
An Oracle Policy Automation Toolkit
What are Extensions?
Styling Extensions
Control Extensions
Evolution of Interview Extensions
Extension Architecture
Interview Execution in a Browser
Accepted Extension Types
About Extensions
What to use Extensions For
The Example Projects
Keeping Backups
An Extension First Walk-Through
Styling Extensions
Styling Extensions Concepts
Creating the Extension Folder
Adding an Extension File to the Extension Folder
Custom Styling Extension Template
Object Type
Class Name
Error Class Name
Property Name
Worked Example 1: Basic Principles
Build the First Example Project
Chapter One Summary

Chapter 2: Styling Extensions
Control Styling Extensions
Control Styling Project
Worked Example 2: Basic Checkbox Styling
Worked Example 3: Basic InputBox Styling
Duplicate Styling Objects
Control Styling with CSS
Worked Example 4: Restyle Labels with CSS
Worked Example 5: Conditional Control Styling
Worked Example 6: Conditional Control Styling with Control Selection
Interview Styling Extensions
Worked Example 7: Interview Styling Extensions Introduction
Referencing Resources in your CSS
Worked Example 8: Interview Styling Extensions with a Function
Worked Example 9: Custom Restart and Cancel Buttons in the Interview
Chapter Two Summary

Chapter 3: Behaviour Extensions
Control Extensions
Example Project – EmergencyResponse
A Skeleton Extension File
Extension Basic Structure
Mount Handler
Unmount Handler
Update Handler
Validate Handler
Worked Example 10: Console Logging
console.log(“Your message here”)
Extension Handler Execution Order
Mount – Creating a Text Input
Mount – Retrieving a Value if it Exists
Validate – Making sure data is passed back to Oracle Policy Automation
Update – Changes that may affect your Extension
Unmount – Your Control is no longer needed
Worked Example 11 – Console Logging On/Off
Deploying your Project
Sharing your Project
Debugging your Project
Worked Example 12: Testing the debugmode variable
Chapter Three Summary

Chapter 4: Label Extensions
Label Extensions
Example Project – EmergencyResponse
Worked Example 12: Templates
Worked Example 13: Scrolling label content
Worked Example 14: Using the Update Handler
The Interview, Stage and Screen objects
Worked Example 15: Using the Interview Object
screen.caption / Screen.title
Worked Example 16: Displaying Maps in a Label
Worked Example 17: Google Translate a Label
Chapter Four Summary

Chapter 5: Input Extensions
Input Extensions
Example Project – HealthyEating
Worked Example 18: Validate handler
Worked Example 19: Validation with more feedback
The analyzeString(string) function example
Worked Example 20: Radio Buttons using a Widget
Date Input Extensions
Worked Example 21: Black-Out Calendar Input Example
interview.setInputValue(“attribute”, value)
Multiple Control properties
Get Data in Extensions: opm.extension.data.json
Worked Example 22: Number Input Extension
fullCustomInput Extension
Chapter Five Summary

Chapter 6: Container Extensions
Container Extensions
Container Extensions Basics
Usage Scenarios
Handlers for Container Controls
Worked Example 23: Charting with a Container
selectColor Function
drawChart Function
Worked Example 24: Embedding a Website using a Container
Chapter Six Summary

Chapter 7: Options Extensions
Options Extensions
Options Extensions Basics
Worked Example 25: Filtered Options
Worked Example 26: Options Extension with External Data
Chapter Seven Summary

Chapter 8: Entity Containers
Entity Containers
Worked Example 27: A Grid-based Entity Collect Extension
control Methods
interview Methods
interview.getInputValue(attribute, entity, instance)
The Graphical Library jqGrid
Preparing the resources
Worked Example 28: Generic Entity Container Extension
Worked Example 29: Lightweight Entity Container with jsGrid
Worked Example 30: Displaying Entity Instances in a
Carousel to Select a Product
Chapter Eight Summary

Chapter 9: Navigation
Navigation, Headers and Footers
The Example Project
Navigation Specifics
Worked Example 31: Custom Navigation Bar
Worked Example 32: Header and Footer Extensions
Chapter Nine Summary

Chapter 10: Entity Collect
Entity Collect Extensions
Entity Container vs Entity Collect
Worked Example 33: A Grid-based Entity Collect
Worked Example 34: Leveraging Excel as the Data Source
for Entity Collect
Worked Example 35: Home Made Entity Collect Extension
Chapter Ten Summary

Chapter 11: Search Extensions
Search Extensions
Basic Search Extension Principles
Worked Example 36: A First Search Example
Worked Example 37: Travel Compensation Search
Worked Example 38: Thesaurus
Worked Example 39: Oracle Siebel CRM
Chapter Eleven Summary

Chapter 12: Relationship Extensions
Relationship Extensions
Car Sharing
Worked Example 40 – Car Sharing
control.getDataType() for Relationship Extensions
control.getOptions() for Relationship Extensions
Chapter Twelve Summary

Chapter 13: Button and Event Extensions
Button and Event Extensions
About these Extensions
Worked Example 41: Button Control example
The Full Custom Input
Chapter Thirteen Summary

Chapter 14: Useful Extensions
Useful Extensions
Example 42: Metadata Tooltips
Example 43: Simple Scrollable Content
Example 44: Columnar Layout Helper
Example 45: Telephone Number Validation
Example 46: Information Windows
Example 47: Search Prepend
Example 48: Modal Acknowledgement of a PDF
Example 49: Loading Spinner
Example 50: Google Places API
Chapter Fourteen Summary

Chapter 15: RuleScript
Accessing RuleScript
Accessing the New Script Button
About Code in RuleScript
The RuleScript File Structure
What can RuleScript do?
The RuleScript File Structure
RuleScript Syntax
Var UNKNOWN = undefined; and Var UNCERTAIN = null;
RuleScript Data Types
The Example Script
Chapter Fifteen Summary

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