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Javascript Extensions Oracle Policy Modeling

JavaScript Extensions for Oracle Policy Modeling

Oracle Policy Automation Interviews allow users – customers, citizens, employees – to work quickly and easily with the powerful natural language rules and policies defined in Oracle Policy Modeling through an interactive website that guides them with intelligent advice.

Customers around the world rely on Oracle Policy Automation Interviews to help people calculate benefit entitlements, decide what university courses to take, return an unwanted item to the store, find ways to eat more healthily, and more. OPA drives literally thousands of business-critical processes.

Introduced in 2017, JavaScript Extensions allow Interview designers to completely reconfigure the end-user experience, and this book, JavaScript Extensions for Oracle Policy Modeling, shows you – the OPA developer – how to enhance and streamline user experiences by adding customizations like:

– Label Extensions

– Input Extensions

– Search Extensions

– Options Extensions

All of these allow for the design and creation of modern, corporate-themed interactions that leverage standard HTML5 and JavaScript within the framework of Oracle Policy Automation.

This practical and fully up-to-date book also covers the advanced uses of JavaScript Extensions, including:

– Entity Collect Extensions

– Entity Container Extensions

– Relationship Extensions

– Button and Event Extensions

JavaScript Extensions for Oracle Policy Modeling is aimed at Interview designers, and Richard Napier explains and demonstrates the features of the JavaScript framework with 50 worked examples. These are available for download for study and further customization. This book, thanks to the author’s well-known informal style and business-driven approach, will enable both technical and non-technical readers to make rapid progress in their understanding of the JavaScript Framework.


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About The Author

Richard Napier has been training businesses and organizations in customer relationship management, business rules and related topics since 1993. Formerly of Siebel Systems, Inc. and InFact Group, he delivers training in French and English all around the world for private and public sector organizations.

Richard is also the author of Getting Started With Oracle Policy Automation

Passionate about constrained natural language and how it can be used to accelerate the adoption of business rule management systems, he can be found on LinkedIn and on his website at https://theopahub.com/main  or at his CRM Website https://siebelhub.com/main


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