Where Data is Wealth - J Bruce Daley

Where Data Is Wealth: Profiting from data storage in a digital society

In the modern world, data is wealth. The world’s largest taxi company owns no cars, the world’s largest retailer owns no inventory, and the world’s largest accommodation provider owns no real estate. What they hold instead is data. And it is data, almost exclusively, which generates them huge revenues. Yet many people have not thought through the implications of how these business models work or where to profit from them.

Aimed at business professionals looking to understand and develop business opportunities surrounding data and data storage, “Where Data is Wealth” examines the trends, technology, market direction, and openings currently available. It provides a concise, real-world look at the changing face of data technology and where the best opportunities lie.

J. Bruce Daley, an industry insider with more than 30 years in the business, makes a powerful case that whilst compute and networking have traditionally held center stage, the incredible increases in data volumes now means that data and data storage is where to make investments, offer new products and services, or build a career. In turn, he details the hazards of digital wealth (and how it could disappear in an instant!), how a disrupted storage market can make you money, and even help you get a job.

J. Bruce Daley writes, speaks, and consults about ways to profit from new software technologies. He helps organizations make better business decisions when buying and implementing technology, advises investors on achieving greater returns from investments, and aids individuals in learning new skills and discovering new opportunities. He also helps technology vendors anticipate new business opportunities, market demands, and customer needs.


Having known and worked with Bruce Daley for many years, I know there are few who know as much about data – and how to apply it to the creation of wealth – than he does. Chris Selland, VP Business Development, Big Data Platform, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Software is headed to being silicon. It’s not easy to build, but that’s not where the value is. Instead the value is going to be in the data the software can acquire and analyze. Bruce’s book is a great start on your journey to understanding the power of data. Tim Chou, Author and Lecturer at Stanford University

In our society you can’t be too thin, too rich, or have too much data. This book won’t help you lose weight, but it will help you with the other two. Dave Sutton, CEO and Author

We have triggered an information technology Big Bang. Bruce Daley understands that data is the new gravity for the connected world and what that means in business today. Marc L. Songini, Author, Former High Tech Journalist and Analyst

Data is Wealth | J Bruce Daley

Author: J Bruce Daley

Published December 2015 | 978-0-9574105-2-7 | 156pp $17.99 | Kindle and iBooks $9.99 | When you purchase through select links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you.

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