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Oracle Data Relationship Management Book

Getting Started with Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM)

Welcome to the first book on Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM)! Organizations commonly face challenges with the management of key data elements across organizational systems. The introduction of ERP systems, web-services, and modern development platforms has created an environment for improved data element sharing, but challenges still remain for centrally…

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Java 8 Book PDF

Java 8 Lambda Expressions

The addition of lambda expressions to Java 8 is a step toward - encouraging the use of function programming techniques in Java applications. A functional style programming orientation places emphasis on using simple functions in various contexts. The use of function programming can result in better and less error prone…

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Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting 11: A Practical Guide

How to Apply Conditional Formatting to Generations in Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting

The following example is an excerpt from the book: Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting: A Practical Guide.   In this article, authors Ed Cody and Eric Somers discuss the use of conditional formatting to alter the formatting for each row based on the generation of the members displayed in the rows…

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